The principal theme in my sculptures and installations is desire. I see one’s hope, needs and longing as the main source of human conduct. Desire is often concealed in every day life, but emerges in different guises. In my work I strive to manifest this hidden longing and make it distinguishable in an enlarged and stylised manner.

Desire is both intangible and overpowering. It seems to be a dilemma between a man’s need for giving meaning to life and finding true happiness on the one hand and a sense of inability to truly attain these on the other. In my work I explore the possibilities and the restrictions of uniting these two extremes and the feelings of bliss or the melancholy of failure that go with it.

To make this theme manageable I translate autobiographical events into images and symbols from the art history and contemporary popular culture. Then, slowly or exuberantly a conversion takes place into a work of art. Recognisable or more associative images transform. As soon as they rise in mutiny and take on another form, the dream awakes, the exploration commences and the revolution is a fact.

Jeroen Kool works and lives in Amsterdam. 

Work was, among others, on display at Galerie De Praktijk, BuroDijkstra Artgalery, Beeldenpark Anningahof, Art Amsterdam, Nieuwe Vide, Horizonverticaal, Galerie Nasty Alice en Kunst Museum Den Haag.